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3 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself

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Note: The questions in this post are also contained in the post Self Reflection Questions, which is a compilation of all the self reflection questions mentioned on this blog.

Some people are looking for their Life Purpose. Some people are looking for that thing they love to do. And some people are just looking to know a little more about themselves.

Whatever you are looking for, these questions will bring you a little closer.

What do I want to create?

Create is the key word here. The question isn’t, “what do I want to get paid to do?” or “what do I want to be successful in?” it’s, “what do I want to bring into the world that wasn’t here before?”

When you focus on what it is you want to create, you draw from some place inside of you that doesn’t consider external circumstances or events, so the answer you get is based solely on you and what it is you love. When you create, you place a part of yourself out into the world.

How do I most want to give to others?

This question is important because it directs you to what you most think the world needs. There are infinite answers, and endless possibilities of how/where you can give.

When you look around you, what is it that you believe needs to be done? This question not only focuses on what you want, but on what you want that would fulfill a need for other people. Giving and creating go hand in hand.

What is my best contribution?

This question takes into account the things that you do best, and when you combine this answer with what you most want to give and what you most want to create, you come up with something that you are not only good at, but that the world needs and that you love to do.

Oddly enough, your best contribution might be something you’ve never attempted yet, but have probably been doing in some form or another in your life already. Think about times when you have felt at your best – what were you doing?

How to answer these questions

Let these answers arrive intuitively. Answer as quickly as you can without censoring yourself, and don’t judge what comes out.

Don’t think too much when answering. If you get stuck on a question, move on and come back to it later. Find ease when answering these questions.

Oh, and when you find that thing, start doing it. Get paid to do it, don’t get paid to do it. Do it for a job, or do it on the side. Whatever. Just start doing it.

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