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3 Ways To Meditate Without Meditating

Solitude !!
Creative Commons License photo credit: J Anand

Meditation isn’t the only way to meditate. The only things you must have are silence and solitude. The other details are up to you.

Observe Your Pets

Watch your animals be animals. It’s easy to focus on their movements and behaviors. The other morning while I was drinking coffee I watched my cats looking at birds from the window. The movement of their ears and eyes, the posture of their bodies, their tails wagging was all very easy to focus on.

Sit Quietly

This is the easiest one. When you have a spare few minutes, simply sit down. You don’t really have to do anything. Just sit. You don’t have to police your thoughts, but if you can let them go when they arise, that would probably be good.

Spend Time in Nature

Go for a walk. Sit on your front step. Just get outside and be in natural surroundings. The rest will take care of itself.

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  1. I absolutely agree. Sometimes we think that meditation is a difficult “task”. You are right, to meditate we only need silence, solitude… To sit, to contemplate animals and nature, to be silent… this can be enough to contact our source. Good work, Amanda.

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