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A Cat’s To-Do List

  1. Meow
  2. Stare out the window
  3. Chase an errant popcorn kernel on the kitchen floor
  4. Lick my paws
  5. Knock a pen off the kitchen table (one of my favorites!)
  6. Chase my feline friend up and down the stairs (for fun)
  7. Take a nap in the cat tower
  8. Run into the pantry when my human friend opens the door
  9. Stare out the window
  10. Cuddle with my human friend
  11. Purr loudly
  12. Lick my feet
  14. Chase a string (with my human friend on the other end, of course)
  15. Stare out the window, and this time watch the birds that have appeared
  16. Chase a house fly
  17. Catch a house fly
  18. Eat a house fly (a snack!)
  19. Lay in the middle of the floor (not napping, just resting)
  20. Meow
  21. Become curious about the cardboard box my human friend is opening
  22. Jump up on table to get closer look at cardboard box
  23. Sniff box and try to see what the contents are
  24. Get back up on the table to continue exploring magnificent cardboard box and it’s contents, after my human friend has put me on the floor
  25. Find myself on the floor again, this time with an empty cardboard box
  26. Get into empty box, sit and stare, feel a little disappointed that the thrilling contents of said box are gone
  27. Sniff box one last time, jump out of box and promptly forget about it
  28. Scratch the corner of the living room chair (when my human isn’t looking)
  29. Take a nap in the cat bed on the floor
  30. Run out the front door when my human friend opens it
  31. Sit and stare
  32. Rub up against human friends leg
  34. Flop over onto floor
  35. Stare out window
  36. Sniff the air
  37. Walk around aimlessly
  38. Stop, sit and stare
  39. Start again tomorrow
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