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An Easy Motivation Tip For Writers

Sometimes I just don’t feel like sitting down to write.

And I’m not talking about the times when I really need a break, or there’s another pressing activity that really needs my attention. I’m talking about those days when my motivation is just a little off.

In order to get myself into my desk chair and in front of my laptop, I trick myself just a little by telling myself that:

I’ll just sit down and write 250 words.

Usually when I sit down to write I have a goal of 1,000 words. This usually takes 45-50 minutes. So on days when my motivation is a little off I tell myself I only have to write 250 words, which will only take about 10 minutes.

It’s enough to get me into my chair and get started, and the best part is that often when I hit 250, I keep going and maybe I get to 500 or 700 or even to my original goal of 1,000 words.

And if I don’t, then at least I’ve got those 250 words, where otherwise I would have had zero.

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