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The next time curiosity grabs you and wants to take you somewhere, go wherever it wants you to go. Even if wherever it’s leading you seems odd or unnecessary or if it seems to have no purpose for your life.

In fact, curiosity is often the most rewarding if it seems to have no purpose for your life.

Maybe the best thing about curiosity is that it “forces” you to be playful. If you are following your whims and not looking for any results there’s nothing left to do but play with whatever makes you curious. And whatever you get out of it is simply a gift, something that you weren’t expecting.

Curiosity operates outside of your plans. You can’t plan to be curious. That’s why it’s so fun. You’re driving along a fast, straight highway just trying to get where you’re going, and curiosity is the billboard that catches your eye and makes you want to stop and explore.

It might slow you down and it might not help you get where you’re going, but it sure is fun and interesting. And, you know, you can always get back in your car when you’re done and continue on.

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