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How To Have More Time

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Time is the one thing that you never have enough of, right? Wrong. There is plenty of time.

Use time, don’t let it use you.

Do The Thing You Feel “Pulled” To Do

Don’t let your calendar or to-do list rule your life. By all means, have both of those things, but let them be guidelines for how you spend your time, rather than rigid rules.

Here’s what you should do (note: requires a bit of courage) – take a look at your calendar and then make your to-do list. Then put both of those things aside (no peaking).

Sit quietly for a moment and ask yourself, “what needs to be done next?” Do whatever pops into your mind first, whatever you feel the strongest urge to do, even if it’s not first on your list.

If you are worried that you will never do the things that must be done, I assure you that when you look in the kitchen and the dirty dishes are overflowing the sink, you will feel an urge to do the dishes. Or if you have a deadline approaching at work, you will feel an urge to do the next thing that will get you to completion. Don’t worry, it will all get done.

Take A Break

One of the best ways to free yourself of the tyranny of time is to take a break.

There’s so much to do that you couldn’t possibly think of taking a break, right? Wrong. Take that break.

If you feel the urge to rest (see above), do it. This lets Time know that you cannot be ruled by it. You will use it as you see fit, and right now it’s time to take a walk.

Focus On Now

Be here. Right now.

What are you doing this very moment? Whatever it is, just do that thing.

Use your senses. What do you hear right now? What are you tasting right now? (I think you get the point).

If you start to have thoughts of other things that are not present now, notice them, then gently let them go and once again, focus on Now. (Meditation can help you practice this.)

It is always Now. And when you think of it like that, Time is nothing but Now, which seems to pass with the circumstances, but maybe it really doesn’t. Maybe it’s always Right Now.

And, that, you have plenty of.

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