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How To Solve Any Problem

Canon Powershot G7 reviewThe simplest way to tackle any problem:

Always Go Forward

Even the tiniest motion forward is better than standing still (or going backward – although you can actually go backwards to move forward, but that’s another post). Huge problems become manageable when you commit yourself to going forward. Just a little forward motion every day will add up, so keep that in mind when it feels like you’re not making the progress you want.

Break It Down Into Simple Steps

One way to keep going forward is to break your problem down into simple steps. Every large undertaking is made up of a series of steps, make these as simple as possible, so that you can take one or two at a time and not feel overwhelmed. One tiny step at a time is still forward motion.

Don’t Panic

The most important step of all. Depending on how large/unwieldy/seemingly impossible of a problem you have, you may be tempted to panic. Remembering the first two steps is one way to keep panic at bay. But also keep in mind that if it’s your problem, you have the ability to handle it. Panicking will only make the problem seem impossible to solve. It’s not. 😉

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