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My Novel for 99 Cents + New Book

Hi All. My young adult novel, Uncover, is currently available as an e-book for 99 cents on with coupon code MP44S (not case sensitive). The coupon code is valid through November 30, 2012, so if you are interested in reading Uncover you can buy it at a discount until then (normally it’s $4.99). Here’s the description:

Marissa wants to put this all behind her. Her best friend, Olivia, has been killed in a car accident, and her death has left more questions than answers for those who knew her best.

When Olivia’s younger sister mentions a lost object that could bring some closure, Marissa reluctantly agrees to help search for it, not sure that she wants the answers she might find.

Along with a group of those closest to Olivia, she sets out to seek the truth, only to find herself trapped in the dark, making all the wrong moves. In order to reclaim her freedom, she must find a way out of the darkness.

Something she’s not sure she can do.

Note about Smashwords: When you buy a book from Smashwords you purchase it  in about 10 different formats (all for one price), including Epub, Mobi (what Kindle uses) and PDF, so you can essentially read it on any device you want to read it on. Also, in order to purchase from Smashwords you will need to create a free account with them.

Here’s the link to purchase Uncover for 99 cents using coupon code MP44S: Uncover on Smashwords

In other news, I have a new short fiction collection available called Writing On The Walls. It’s also in e-book format and is $2.99. Here’s the description:

John wakes up in a dark corridor with no apparent way out. Donna drops her bagel on the train platform and romance ensues. Emily is making up all the rules to her own game, and the Farmer is about to have a very bad day. Writing on the Walls is a collection of thirteen pieces of funny, cute, strange, romantic and suspenseful very short fiction. It’s a little of this and a little of that.

Writing On The Walls is available at most major e-book sellers (I’ll have links up on the “My Books” page soon) and is also currently available for 99 cents on Smashwords with coupon code UW43M (not case sensitive). This is also through November 30, 2012.

Here’s the link to purchase Writing On The Walls for 99 cents using coupon code UW43M: Writing On The Walls on Smashwords

If you read and enjoy either of these e-books consider leaving a review. That would be really helpful. 🙂




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