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Resting In The Dark

I’ve been slowing down the past couple of weeks. And not because I’m overly tired or exhausted. Just from a natural slowing of my work/life rhythm (Side note: I can’t spell the word rhythm to save my life. Thank God for spell check.)

I haven’t written any new words of fiction for a few weeks, and that’s okay. I do have times of the year where my production drops off (like in the summer) and I think that’s a natural part of my work rhythm.

There’s stuff I could write. There always is. And, actually, I have been writing new blog posts every week for a few weeks. But the fiction I decided to let rest for a while.

Now, I’m super excited to get started working on a couple of things after the new year. But that’s still a couple weeks or so away and I think it’s important to go with this lower-energy feeling and take some time off right now, even though I could write/work if I wanted to.

The darkness of this time of year is making me feel quiet, still, reflective, and slow. Certain activities naturally arise from that.

Reading by the fireplace. Spending time socializing with friends and family (and of course eating and drinking). Taking a bath. Decorating. Baking. Gift buying/making/wrapping. Taking care of small things around the house. Going to the movies. Hanging out with my cat. Planning for the year ahead. Looking back on the year past.

Of course, I could work. There’s no real reason not to. But I think I’ll absorb the slowness of the next couple of weeks and go with it, and after that things will return to normal. And I’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose and energy, like many of us do after the new year.

But for now, I’ll let my brain rest. Break up my routine. Spend more time socializing. And assume that as I rest new things are being built. New connections are being made. And things are being repaired.

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