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Writing On The Walls 2

Lauren can’t stop seeing numbers, and Beth wishes she would just shut up. John finds his wallet and immediately wishes he hadn’t. A little red car causes a whole lot of trouble, and Franklin the cat is back from the dead. Maybe.

Writing on the Walls 2 is another collection of mostly contemporary, sometimes supernatural, and otherwise downright weird pieces of very short fiction. With a dash of romance, a touch of horror, and a good handful of humor, you’ve got a little of this and a little of that.


Contains these stories:

The Wallet
The Nine-Foot Fence
Snow Day
The Glass Audience
A Beautiful Haunting Image
The Numbers
Red Car
With a Twist
The Rose
They Were Wild Once
The Cave
Gotta Go

Writing on the Walls: Volume 2 is a collection of very short fiction with thirteen stories. In total, it is roughly 9,600 words. It is available as an ebook.

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