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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale and Author Interview

This is just a quick post to say that through July 31, 2014 all of my books are available for free at Smashwords during their Summer/Winter sale.

You’ll have to enter coupon code SW100 (it’s listed on each individual book page also) when you checkout, but that’s all (no back flips through rings of fire necessary).

Smashwords has multiple formats available for download, including epub, mobi (Kindle), and PDF (and you can download more than one format, if you want), so you can read it on whatever device you most enjoy.

Here’s a link to my Smashwords Author Page, which lists all of my books down at the bottom.

Also, I recently completed an Author Interview on Smashwords. (It’s better than my About page at this point. I should probably fix that. 😉 ) So, if you are interested in knowing a little bit more about me, give it a read, and if you have any other questions you’d like to me to answer, leave it in the comments below. I have nine questions in the interview currently, and I believe I can have a total of ten, so I’ve got room for one more.

If you do give one of my books a read (or multiple books, there’s no rule against that) and enjoy it, consider leaving a review, either at Smashwords, or Goodreads, or your blog or wherever else you might leave a book review. Thanks and Happy Reading. 🙂

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