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Something Better Around The Corner

In 2009 I bought a house. It was my first time buying a home and I was excited. I had picked the location where I wanted to live and now there were so many choices. I spent a good amount of time looking at different homes and seeing what was out there.

But I was motivated, so it wasn’t long before I found something that I wanted to put an offer on. It was a condo, which was great because I didn’t really want much of a yard and I wouldn’t have to take care of the exterior at all. I liked the layout of it and thought the neighborhood was great too. Oh, and it was below my budget. Great! This had happened pretty fast and seemed to be fairly easy. I’d be moving into my new condo in no time!

I put together an offer with my realtor and he submitted it to the seller’s realtor. And I waited. And waited. And waited.

There was no response coming. No counters, no outright rejections, nothing. And I was frustrated.

My realtor did his best to try to get a response from the seller, and I can’t quite remember what the story was now, but apparently the seller was under a lot of stress at work and something was preventing him from responding to my offer. At least that’s the story we got from the seller’s realtor.

The seller’s non-response gave me only two choices: hang on and hope that he eventually responded or let it go and move on.

I was disappointed. I really liked this place and wanted to buy it! But ultimately the seller never responded to my offer and I moved on to other homes.

Within a couple of weeks, I found another place that I really liked. This time it was a town home. It had a small yard, some nice features inside, a layout I liked. I thought the neighborhood seemed really nice and it was in a good location. I put an offer in on that home and the rest is history, because that’s the house I live in now. 🙂

This house was ultimately the better choice. I love living here, the neighborhood is great and I’m extremely happy I bought this place. When I look back at that first offer I made on the condo, I think that the seller’s non-response was the Universe’s way of moving me on to something better. But there was definitely a disappointment first.

I think many of us can look back at our lives and see situations like this. There was something we wanted but didn’t get, but ultimately we got something better. The tricky part is getting through that initial disappointment at not getting what you originally wanted.

Any stories out there of weathering a disappointment only to find something better? Share in the comments.

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