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The One Thing That Will Stop Your Problems From Getting Bigger

Its Just a SandboxNo matter how big your problems are, they can always get worse. And, unfortunately, things do often get worse before they get better. In order to prevent this, you should remember one rule.

Don’t Freak Out

That’s right. Freaking out will only serve to make your problems seem bigger and more unsolvable. Where you once had a medium-size problem, freaking out will automatically make that a large problem. With the proper perspective, problems should only shrink in size, never get bigger.

So, how do you not freak out?

Notice Your Feelings

This is a simple thing you can do to keep yourself from freaking out. Observe your emotions. You can name them if you’d like, but mostly you should just experience the way that they feel. If you start thinking about them too much, your mind will start spinning all kinds of stories and that can lead to freaking out. Just feel.

Open Yourself To All Possibilities

Most of the time, we jump to the conclusion that having a problem is bad. But, it could be that it’s simply neutral.

Meeting obstacles isn’t always negative, sometimes we are just being directed to go another way. At first, we might not like the new direction, but you might find that there is a lot of cool stuff that way. If we are too attached to where we thought we were going, we would never get to experience those things.

Accept anything that comes your way and see what kind of an experience you can have with it. You might discover something you never could have imagined.


A problem means it is time to make an adjustment, and it’s also a perfect time to play around with how you might do that. Freaking out occurs when we get “tight” in both thought and action. It has to be one way, and we try to force that way to happen.

When you begin to play, you loosen up and try the thing you think might work. And if it doesn’t work, then you try something else. A solution will generally find you when you play around like this because you are not attached to any one result.

In the end, you may find that this problem has taken you to a great new place, which you never would have found without it.

So, remember, there is only one rule when it comes to problems – No freaking out!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Zach Dischner

What do you think? How do you not freak out when you are faced with a problem? Leave your response in the comments.

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