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The Cat And The Closed Door

This is why I love cats:

Suppose there is a closed door in your house. One that is always closed. 

Maybe it’s a closet filled with junk and dangerous stuff, a bedroom that is off limits for some reason or the entrance to a scary basement or other storage-y type space. 

Anytime you move towards that door to open it, the cat will be right with you trying to get in. The more dangerous and creepy it is the better. 

And then it becomes a Herculean task to keep the cat out of the door while you do what you need to do. 

Then suppose the door to this closed room is now permanently open. You cleaned out the closet, made the bedroom on limits and made your basement less scary. 

At first, the cat will be right there feeling triumphant. 

“Haha!” your cat will cry out. “I can now enter the door anytime I want!”

And then, as the door remains open…

The cat will not give a damn about it. 

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