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The Heavy Ball

I played basketball in high school.

Sometimes at practice my coach would pull out the heavy balls, which were, you guessed it, heavier than a regular basketball. I’m not sure exactly how much they weighed, but they were significantly heavier than the regular basketball.

And we would do our normal drills.

Only with the heavy ball, things that were normally easy for us became hard.

Even passing to a teammate a short distance away might be a struggle, and shooting the ball? Forget it.

But when we put the heavy balls away and went back to the regular balls it was like we had super strength. Everything became easier.

Because that’s the thing about doing it the hard way for a while. Afterwards, things that were hard are now easy.

So maybe from time to time you might want to think about pulling out your heavy ball.

But only if you want super strength, that is.



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