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The Joy of Sunshine

With the first day of Spring now behind us, I thought this was an appropriate post to write.  After a long Winter and Fall, with short days, cold weather, and maybe some snow, the first days of Spring are a relief.  We are still far from the longest or warmest day of the year, but the days are longer and you may even be able to step outside comfortably in short sleeves.  The feeling of the sun on your skin is one of the great simple pleasures of being alive.

Almost more so than the warm weather, what I really look forward to when Spring is around the corner are the long days.  There is no artificial light that can ever come close to the light of the sun.  Whether I’m inside my house sitting in a sunny room or outside in the evening taking a walk, sunlight makes me feel energized and peaceful at the same time.  When the days are short, all you feel like doing is hibernating, the dark makes you feel like laying low.  But, when the mornings are earlier and the nights are later you crave activity, even if that activity is simply sitting outside with a cold drink.

After several months of bundling up everytime you go outside, it feels good to let your bare skin have contact with the warm air.  Aside from getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D, our sense of well-being increases when it’s warm and life just feels a little more relaxed.  The warm sun usually makes me want to just lay around – but taking a walk, spending time in nature or playing a game or a sport are other good ways to enjoy the sun.  Going to the beach is one of my favorite warm weather activities and one of my favorite ways to enjoy the sun.  Of course, with my fair skin I’m also usually covered in sunscreen and spending quality time under an umbrella, but nevertheless I know the sun is there with me.

The sunshine makes me feel as if Life has returned after a long rest.  Spending even 15 minutes outside makes you feel as if you also, have woken up and are ready to start a new day.  But maybe, most of all, the return of the sun reminds us that no matter how long it goes away, it always comes back.

How does the sunshine make you feel?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments section. 🙂

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    Sunshine always make me feel great(but not the scorching sun 🙂 ) Especially when it is peeping to my room in the morning.It has the power of vanishing our laziness and giving us a kick to start our day. Joy of the sunshine will run through your body when you expose to it.

    Vikum’s last blog post..Living in the moment

  2. Amanda,

    I love that photo, and I love sunshine. Dawn is my favourite part of the day now that I live in the tropics. When I lived in temperate climates, I experienced ‘instant happiness’ when spring arrived and finally I could feel the warm sunshine on my skin again after months of grey weather. Guess I’m lucky now to have the sun everyday!

    Daphne’s last blog post..How To Find Happiness Every Day

  3. Amanda Linehan Amanda Linehan

    Hi Vikum – I agree, the morning sun is wonderful. I’m also a big fan of late afternoon sun. 🙂

    Hi Tess – I hear Arizona is wonderful (I have family that likes to vacation there), and I think I could deal with some heat if I had plenty of blue skies and sunshine. 🙂

    Hi Daphne – Yes, you are lucky! And, like I commented back to Vikum, the morning sun is special. The light is different in the morning. 🙂

  4. Hi Amanda,

    There will be day after night. There will be rainbow after storm. There will be happiness after sadness. Sunshine to me is a sign of happiness and hope. So we have to believe that sadness will not haunt us forever.
    Thanks for sharing, Amanda.

    Arswino’s last blog post..A Glass of Milk

  5. Hi Amanda,

    Your post well sums up the feelings that begin as winter fades into the warmer weather of spring. It won’t be long before the blossoms emerge signaling that spring is here to stay. I spent some time last week down from the high country where the cherry blossoms were already in full display.

    Thanks for the happy thoughts.


    Roger’s last blog post..Most of the Worst Things That Ever Happened to Me, Never Happened

  6. Amanda Linehan Amanda Linehan

    Hi Arswino – Beautifully stated. Yes, there is always light after darkness and hope after despair, and the returning sun reminds us of this. Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Roger – Winter has it’s joys too, but there is nothing quite like the feeling of Spring returning. I can’t wait for the blossoms 🙂

  7. Hi Amanda,

    Beautiful article.

    I think I must be cold-blooded, because without the sun I don’t feel motivated to do much of anything. I’m pretty sure there’s inspiration contained in sunlight.

    Michael’s last blog post..Glutamate: the G in MSG

  8. Amanda Linehan Amanda Linehan

    Hi Michael – “Inspiration contained in sunlight” – I like that!

  9. Oh, Amanda! This is one of my all time favorite quote! :~)

    “Spring is God’s way of kissing us awake from winter’s chill!” ~Henie~ :~)

    Henie’s last blog post..Life Is Like A Door

  10. Amanda Linehan Amanda Linehan

    Hi Henie – Yes, that quote really struck me when I saw it 🙂

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