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The Story of a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)


















I came across this image recently and wanted to share it here. It’s called The Story of a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and is by Eamon Reilly, and I just thought it was really cool.

I consider myself to be a Highly Sensitive Person (a term coined by psychologist Elaine Aron), and I loved the way this image listed out all of the qualities that HSPs possess – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Anyway, if you are an HSP or know some HSPs, I thought you might be interested.

Happy 2015. 🙂


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  1. Ty Unglebower Ty Unglebower

    Perhaps I am one also, based on this list. About 90% of this applies to me most of the time.

  2. Rachel Rachel

    I feel less alone. Thanks for sharing. <3

  3. Amanda Linehan Amanda Linehan

    Hi Ty – Sounds like it! I think there is a self-test over at the Highly Sensitive Person website if you’re interested in taking that.

    Hi Rachel – Great. Welcome. 🙂

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