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There Is No Place To Get To

Like Nowhere Else
Creative Commons License photo credit: Zach Dischner

We often think, at any given point in our lives, that we are going somewhere. That there is some place we have to get to.

Maybe we want to reach a milestone in our careers or personal relationships. Or maybe we reach a certain age and feel that certain things need to be accomplished by then. Maybe we have a dream that we would like to see realized, something we’ve wanted for a long time. Something we are sure will make our lives better.

And, maybe, you actually reach that milestone or achievement, or you bring your dream to life. We feel like we’ve “made it.”

But, then, something funny happens. Something we didn’t expect.

We begin to think about new milestones, new achievements, maybe we even develop a new dream to reach for.

And that’s when we realize that the destination we reached was just a point along the way. Now there is a new destination. We keep moving. “There” becomes “here.”

And if “there” can become “here” just like that, maybe there was never any “there” to begin with.

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  1. Oops, the last comment had some typos. I fixed them in this one:

    Thanks for the reminder, Amanda. I often find myself saying “If only I achieved this I would be happy,” or “Once I do this I won’t be stressed out.” But then you get to where you want to be and you face the same problems as before. I guess there’s no ways to avoid roadblocks, and the key is to do your best, stay strong in the face of challenges, and appreciate the little things.

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