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What Can I Do?

Macy'sThe next time you are feeling stuck, ask yourself the following question:

What can I do?

This is opposed to thinking about all of the things you can’t do or don’t have control over in any given situation. That is probably a very long list, but the things you can do is a shorter list and, therefore easier to focus on.

When you ask what you can do you stop trying to control the world around you, and you simply focus on yourself. You take responsibility for the things you can be responsible for and you leave the rest up to the Universe.

This is certainly a much more peaceful approach to life than trying to control everything. You will definitely fail at that.

Once you have your list, start taking action (or non-action as it may be). The simple act of being responsible for the things that you have the ability to be responsible for will automatically create change in your life because you will begin to feel more powerful.

Not powerful in a rule-the-world kind of way, but personally powerful. The power to create change in your life, the power to improve your life and the power to accept things you can’t change.

Just as you are responsible for your stuff, other people are responsible for their stuff.

And, if you take care of your stuff, you can let other people take care of theirs.

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  1. Lizzy Lizzy

    This is SO true!!! I’ve dealt with some bad trauma that left me feeling almost completely powerless.

    It was simply focusing on things I could do that sustained me. Nothing was too small, everything I did on my own was a victory.

  2. Amanda Linehan Amanda Linehan

    Hi Lizzy – A very simple question, but very powerful too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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