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A Place For Ideas


When I first started this blog, one of my favorite websites to visit was Brazen Careerist, a place where I could read blog posts written by Generation Y/Millennial bloggers, all in one place.

Being a member of Generation Y myself, I liked hearing what my peers had to say, what they were interested in, and how they thought we fit into the world.

It’s over a year later and I still enjoy checking in with Brazen Careerist to see what’s going on.  And, recently, they had something big going on. On August 25th they launched a new and improved Brazen Careerist that focuses on the best career resource you have:  Ideas.

You can still read interesting, entertaining and, possibly, controversial posts by Millennial bloggers, but most of all you can see the ideas of it’s members, or if you are already a member, or decide to join, you can make sure others can see your ideas.

If you are interested, check it outAnd, remember, this isn’t just a place to spend some time reading blog posts or even meeting new people – mostly, it’s a place for ideas.  🙂

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