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The Thing About Following Your Heart


“Follow your heart” is a piece of advice that gets thrown around a lot. And, by the way, I actually really like this advice.

But the thing is, there’s something that people aren’t telling you when they tell you to “follow your heart.”

The thing that they’re not telling you is this:

Following your heart is a dangerous journey.

Now, you may or may not wind up in actual physical danger, but I will absolutely guarantee you that you will end up in psychological danger.

What’s psychological danger?

Psychological danger is when you feel pulled to do something that’s socially unacceptable in some way. Psychological danger is when you have to put your pride/ego aside to do something that’s calling to you. Psychological danger is when you have to actively go toward conflict and discomfort because that’s the way you feel attracted. (There’s probably a few more examples here, but you get the point.)

Basically, psychological danger breaks you down in some way, so that what is left over is more essentially you. But it’s not fun and it’s not pretty.

This is where your heart will lead you.

Now, your heart will lead you to some really cool places too. Places that don’t require putting yourself in that danger, but it will absolutely take you to those places that, consciously at least, you don’t really want to go.

That’s why the pull of your heart is so strong. In order to get you to these places there has to be some serious energy behind that pull.

And this is why, many times, no matter what’s coming out of their mouths, people much prefer to follow their heads. Because it seems like a much safer way to go. And it is.

It’s just not nearly as rewarding.

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