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by Amanda Linehan on February 5, 2010

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Updated: December 9, 2011

A little while ago I wrote an article on why it’s great to be INFP. And then a little while later I wrote one on INFP relationships.  This is a companion to both of those articles.  Here is a list of helpful and active INFP resources that I found while exploring INFPs on the internet.  Hope you find them useful!  (Oh, and they are in no particular order.)

Resources for the INFP!

INFP Blog – From the “About” page, Corin writes “This blog is my thoughts on being an INFP and how I interact and deal with the “real” word. Hopefully, you’ll find it amusing.” As one of the only blogs I found totally dedicated to INFPs, this is a great one to check out if you are interested in some thoughtful insights and helpful recommendations for living, working and having relationships as an INFP. Some of my favorite posts on the sight include: “Speaking INFP” and “Myth of the Soulmate.”

INFP Facebook Group – This Facebook group for INFPs has almost 5,000 members and has an active wall and discussions.  Looks like a great place to meet and talk to other INFPs. Also, here is another INFP Facebook Group. This one’s a little newer and doesn’t have as many members, but is very active. I belong to both, actually.

INFP Forum at Personality Cafe – Have a question about being INFP?  Or want to know if something you do is very typical for INFPs?  Then stop by this forum.  From the mundane to the poignant, all of your INFP questions and discussions go on here.

INFP Twitter Lists – Corin of “INFP Blog” also keeps a comprehensive set of INFP Twitter Lists including a full list of INFPs he has found on Twitter, as well as certain categories of INFPs (for instance, “INFP Bloggers” and “INFP Writers and Poets”). If you are interested in finding and following other INFPs on Twitter definitely check out Corin’s lists.

INFP Twitter Searches – Speaking of Twitter, doing a Twitter search for both “INFP” and “#INFP” will also help you find people who are INFPs or are discussing INFP/Myers Briggs.  Saving both of these searches will always keep you connected to INFP discussion on Twitter.

INFP Meetups – I have never been to one, but for those of you who would like to meet up with INFPs in “real life” not just in “internet life” there is a page for INFP meetups.  Some of the groups are dedicated INFP meetups and others seem to include INFP members but may have some other main focus.  If anyone decides to attend I’d be curious to know how it goes.

INFP Companion – This is a nice little page that lists a whole bunch of INFP resources including blogs, articles, forums, groups and books.  Nice to have all of this information in one place.

Surviving INFP – One of the only other dedicated INFP blogs I found besides “INFP Blog.”  A post I particularly like is “My Life As An INFP“.

INFPs Only – From the page: “This group was designed as a meeting ground for INFP everywhere.” Also a good place to have discussions with other INFPs about being INFP.

INFP Network on Brazen Careerist – Brazen Careerist is a “career management tool for next-generation professionals.”  So, if you consider yourself to be a “next-generation professional” or would like to be in their company, you can register yourself on the site.  The INFP network is pretty new, but another great place to get to know other INFPs.

INFP Careers – From the about page, INFP Careers “is a website devoted to helping INFP’s get guidance on INFP careers and even INFP relationships.” The author, Mike, says that he is “largely controlled by my emotions and governed by my sense of what is right and what is wrong. For the past 7+ years, I have been working jobs that I didn’t like and have been stuck in a career I don’t like. I have frequently felt different and/or alone.” Sounds pretty INFP to me. ;)

MyPersonality.info – A website where you can take free personality tests. Not just for INFPs, but certainly very helpful.

Famous INFPs on CelebrityTypes.com - This is a fun and interesting website devoted to celebrities and their personality types. From the About page, “the purpose of the site is to illustrate how the 16 types play out in flesh and blood.” It’s always fun to see fellow INFPs who have done something/are doing something great.

PersonalitySome cool INFP-centric information including comparisons between INFPs and other Myers Briggs personality types. Check out “The 24 INFP Subtypes.” (The author refers to it as a “speculative list.”)

Do you know of any other resources for INFPs?  Leave them in the comments!

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